Our Story

Inspired by the lush green hills and vineyards surrounding Lake Del Valle, our winery was born. Del Valle Winery is a newly formed, family owned winery in the beautiful Livermore Valley, one of California’s oldest wine regions.

The winegrowers of Livermore Valley have been cultivating this land since the 1840’s and crafting wines that reflect a sense of place. Enamored by the favorable terroir of this region, pioneer winemakers settled and founded wineries. With their spirit and passions in mind, our Del Valle wines are capturing the essence of traditional winemaking styles with the best grapes that Livermore offers.

At Del Valle winemakers and winegrowers are working together to create exceptional Livermore Valley wines. The grapes selected for our wines are thriving in the vineyards surrounding Lake Del Valle, therefore producing more flavorful, balanced and friendly wines.

Come and experience our newly remodeled winery, courtyard or Sangiovese arbor and enjoy a taste of our Livermore Valley.

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